Monday, November 5, 2007

Sorry,This One May Be a Little Bit of a Downer..

I am sorry it has taken so long to update.A lot has been happening & I was without a computer for several weeks.

It will be a year this month,November,that Tim has been without a job.There have been so few openings that would pay at least what he gets on Unemployment & he keeps getting told that he is "over qualified".The Federal Unemployment runs out this month.At that point he will have to look for ANYTHING.The problem with that is the amount he gets on Unemployment has barely paid the bills.If he makes less there is no way to pay the bills.

I am doing what I can to make a few dollars on the internet & babysitting.My daughter hasn't been working,so I haven't been watching 4 of my grandkids.I will no longer be watching my little great-niece after this week.Her mom is getting childcare assistance,so she will be going to a daycare.I will be down to just my 2 great-nephews.

Everyone keeps saying I should be able to make money in photography.But,so far I haven't found an income there.Everyone wants me to photograph their children,but no one can afford to pay.I am searching for places that might buy photos from an unknown photographer.

We will be able to pay all of our bills for November.Thank you,God!!!But,unless something changes,we will not be able to pay the mortgage or many other bills in December.I can barely think about Christmas.My 14 yr daughter explained to my 6 yr old & 9 yr old daughters that Santa may not be able to get them much since there are so many kids all over the world who he needs to help this year.Due to careful sale shopping & using coupons,we are fine as far as food to feed the kids.Thank you,God!

My presciptions for my heart medications are run out this month.I have enough of one of my meds for about 15 more days.I need to call the doctor.The doctors have changed their rules so much,that I am not sure that they will take me in the office since I no longer have insurance.Even if they do,I am terrified to know what the bill will be.I'm sure that I will be expected to pay in full when I am seen.Then,I always have to have lab work done... which will be another high bill.I just don't see how to come up with money for that right now.Yet,I can not go without my medication.

We are still searching desperately for anyone who has some left over roll insulation & drywall pieces and the machine to blow fiberglass insulation into our house.We had enough blow-in insulation given to us to insulate the whole down stairs.The rental companies won't let us use their machines for insulation that contains fiberglass.The company , Knauf, that made this stuff says they don't have a machine that we can borrow or rent, but offered to refer us to contractors....we do NOT have money for a contractor!The house has NO insulation & it is already getting cold.Between the house not being insulated & the big old furnace we have, our house stays cool/almost cold at times all winter & our gas bills always get HUGE!Finding a machine to borrow would be a huge help!
Please,if you have left over roll insulation,drywall [even half sheets] or a machine to blow in insulation contact me!

On to good news:
Caitlyn,our 14 yr old,got a job.She can only work about 15 - 16 hours a week.But,that will give her a little money for things.I am very happy for her!

Other than my situation with needing to see the dr for meds & Ryan's broken glasses that we need to replace some how, we are all healthy!! Thank you,God!!!!!!

I still have my faith!!!!I know God has a plan.He has saw us through this far.I know He won't leave us now.I am thankful for all of God's love & grace!!I trust that He will get us through this storm & time of need!

Sorry this has been so long.Until next time......

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Help- Drywall & Insulation

I'm still working on the freezer cooking.I have added several individual servings of BBQ [for sandwiches].Hoping to get some cheap lasagnas made today.

My grandson is feeling better.It seemed to be a 24 hour bug.My 16 yr old son still isn't feeling all better.:(

I'm sorry to do this.But,we are getting desperate.We are looking for some help.If you are in the central Indiana area,please read:
As many of you already know,we still have 5 kids at home.Tim is still trying to find a job that will pay more than unemployment.The unemployment runs out the end of November.At that point,if he doesn't already have a job,he will have to take what ever he can get.If he makes less than what he's getting on unemployment,I'm not sure what will happen.But,I trust that God will see us through.Our finances are scary.Again,I have to trust God.

Now,to the point of this,we live in an old house that is NOT insulated.Gas bills have been horrible in the past couple of years.I keep the thermostat set on 62/64 degrees all winter.Yes,you read that correctly.My house seems cool to some people in the winter.But, we use a couple of space type heaters during the day & the kids wear warm clothes,slippers & have blankets if needed.But,still there are some cold spots in this old house.We had been trying to get insulation put in & the attic area needs more drywall & insulation.

Drywall & insulation are expensive.Even if they were cheap,I don't see how we could afford it now.Tim has hung what drywall & insulation we had in the attic.But, it needs a lot more.

The rest of the house needs insulation blown in the walls.The ironic part,we had several bags given to us,but we have no way to blow it in the walls.It is some sort of fiberglass stuff [Tim could tell you exactly what it is].There are tool rental places here,but they say we can't use their machines for it because it contains fiberglass.I sit here looking at these bags,knowing they would help warm the house & save on the gas bill,yet we can't use it.

Here's what I'm asking....If you or someone you know has done some remodeling,etc & have any left over insulation or drywall,PLEASE DO NOT throw it away! Please get a hold of me.
1.We need roll insulation for the attic.Even if you don't have full rolls.
2.Drywall,even if it isn't full sheets,Tim might be able to piece it together [if it isn't tiny pieces..LOL!]
3.We need to borrow or rent cheaply,the machine that is used to blow insulation in the rest of the house.Remember this insulation contains some kind of fiberglass.

Thank you for caring enough to read this.Until next time...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Chicken Pox & Chili

I'm still working on the freezer cooking.I now have added 4 large meal size servings of chili and 9 individual sized servings of Vegetarian Chili to the freezer.I still have several things to cook and put in the freezer.I normally would just make a long day or two of freezer cooking.But,with all of the extra kids I'm watching and try to get school work [homeschool],I have needed to stretch it over several days.

Our 16 yr old son has been sickly since Sunday.We're not sure what's wrong with him.Yesterday turned out to be an interesting day.With him laying around & a house full of kids,my 1 yr old great-nephew woke from his nap & gave me an interesting surprise.He had looked fine when he went to sleep.He woke up breaking out with the Chicken Pox!!!!!Ack!So,I now have 5 kids [3 are teenagers],plus the other great nephew that I babysit & the baby;my great-niece who have not had Chicken Pox,but have now been exposed.Oh,not to mention that all 5 of my grand kids were also exposed.Sigh......this is NOT going to be fun!

Brandy,one of my grown daughters,called last night & said that my youngest grandson is sick.He is running a fever & vomiting.My goodness,what is going on!It seems like one thing after another.

Well,I'm watching 5 kids today [great-niece & 4 of the grand kids] & have a lot to do,so I better go.Until next time......

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Freezer Cooking, Writing & Money

Well,I've been pretty busy.Tim is still looking for a job.We have Unemployment coming in until the end of November.If he doesn't find anything by then,I don't know what we will do.I just have to trust God.

I'm still babysitting for my 2 great nephews & 1 great-niece, M-F.Today,I also have 4 of my grand kids.I'm doing what I can online to make a little money.If anyone has any GOOD LEGIT ideas to make some money,let me know.

Btw,I have an article on Join Associated Content .If you have a moment,please take a look at my article:How to Read Tablature (Tabs) to Play the Guitar .
If you like to write,it's an easy way to make a little money.

If you have been following the news,you probably have heard about the cost of food is predicted to go up.That's harsh for anyone;especially to a family our size who has been through the wringer financially for months.No matter what,we have to eat.So,I decided I better scrape together what money I could & get stocked up.If the price of food goes any higher,I don't know how we could afford it.

Anyone who has done freezer cooking will tell you that you save money in the long run & it makes life easier,too.As of today,I have 3 meatloaves,2 meal & 3 individual sized servings of Porcupine Meatballs & 7 individual sized servings of Soup Beans.

Today,I hope to get a big pot of chili [think old canning pot]done.I also have to make a smaller pot of Vegetarian Chili since my 13 yr old daughter is a vegetarian.I'm hoping to get a few other meals completed & in the freezer today & tomorrow.

Well,better get busy.Until next time.....

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Not much to add today since I have another one of my infamous migraines.I was just sitting here working on the programs I do online to make money [if you are interested see my links to my other sites on the side of this page] & wham...migraine.

Brandy called.It seems that someone else has seen the pictures I took of her son,Ethan [my youngest grandson] & likes them.She called to say that she is trying to "sell her Mom". Brandy & my husband,Tim,keep encouraging me to try to make money from my photography.I'm adding one picture that I recently took,it's not the best one,though.
Okay,I went ahead & added a few more photos that I have taken.The first is Ethan.Second photo- Justin & Lori [grandson & granddaughter].

The cute,chubby baby in the basket of apples is my granddaughter,Natalie.This was taken some time ago.Last,but certainly not least,is a photo of my grandson,Nathan.
Well,better go for now.Until next time.....

Friday, September 7, 2007


Quick update;sorry it's been so long.

Life has been hectic.School has started.Remember we homeschool 5 children.I have been babysitting for my nieces.I keep 2 of my great-nephews & 1 great-niece M-F.I occasionally have my other great-nephew for about 2 hours;just a couple of days a week.I haven't watched Jennifer's kids [my grand kids] since some time in August.

Tim is still laid off and looking for a job that will pay what he gets on Unemployment.The federal unemployment program runs out soon.I have been doing everything I can to make every penny possible.Money is getting to be a real problem.I'm looking for more babysitting.

I have also been spending a lot of time doing different things online to make a little money.If you are interested,take a look at my other blogs:

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If you see anything that you are interested in doing/joining, please sign up through my links.I would really appreciate it! Also,take a look at the banners [ads] I have on the side of my blogs....if you would click them & if there is something that you can[want to] sign up for,please do so by clicking through the ads. Just keep in mind a few of those ads will take you out of my page.

My dad has been having a few issues with his health.That's not really anything new.I take him back to the VA Hospital this week to see his doctor.

My older brother had surgery on his leg last week.Some how I managed to take care of him,which was a real juggling act since he lives in another city.No one else was around to help,but I managed.

Brandy got moved into a new apartment.But,they are really needing to find a car.

My oldest grandson,Justin,started school in August.He likes it.
My grandaughter,Natalie had a birthday & turned 3.
My son,Jonathon,turned the big 16!

Well,that's the quick update.Until next time....

Thursday, June 7, 2007

"You Reap What You Sow" ; Garden of Life - Plant What You Want

The old saying," You reap what you sow" is very true.
Have you ever noticed that it seems that most people sow [plant] nothing but onions & lemons? Why would you want to only reap onions & lemons? Don't we depend on our life garden for our growth & nourishment? You can sit around with nothing but onions & lemons if you want. I don't want to! You can feast on onions & lemons all day long. All you will have to show for it are sore, red eyes & an puckered up,sour look on your face. Is that really how you want to go through life? If that's how you walk through each day, what do really expect life to be like?

I say if life sucks, cut down that lemon tree.If your tired of crying, pull those onions out of the ground. Remember , onions can grow like weeds if they were heavily planted. They may try to pop up from time to time. When they do, just take the time to weed your garden [life].

What should you plant instead? That's for you to decide. God gave us all a beautiful garden called life. It's up to each of us what we will produce in our garden [life]. Don't be a lazy gardener & let the weeds take over.

So, what if you plant the wrong thing? That's the beauty of being in control of your own garden [life], you can plant new things whenever you want. It's called free choice. You are responsible for your own garden. Take responsibility!!! Sure weeds [sorrows,problems,etc] spread. So from time to time, weeds from someone elses' garden may sprout up in your garden. Just pull the weeds out & plant something better in their place.

Remember, each day as the sun rises, it's a brand new day. Yesterday is gone- done- completed. Don't waste today on anything that was wrong yesterday. You can not go back & undo anything. You have a brand new start... TODAY! What are you going to do with it? How's your garden, today? Time to plant something, new & wonderful?

Until next time....

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Another accident & Updates

Sorry it has been so long. A lot has been happening. I'll make this as short as possible.
My oldest daughter, along with 4 grand kids, moved. They had been living next door. Now they moved to a little town. It's not real far, but it's kind of out of the way. I miss having 4 of my 5 grandchildren next door. They are a handful, but still. I just hope everything works out with their move.

Since my daughter moved, I don't watch the 4 grandchildren when she works. I'm still watching my 2 great-nephews. They are very good. I also started watching my great-niece. She is almost 2 months old. But, I will only be babysitting her for about 2 more weeks.

Still working away on my job as Coordinator with the demo company. Also, still looking for more work, due to financial needs. Tim still has not found a job. He's tired of hearing that he's over qualified. The unemployment should be running out in a few weeks.

Sassy is doing well. I think her hind legs are as good as they will get. But, that's okay.

Caitlyn's Youth Group had a car wash yesterday. It was a fundraiser for Summer Camp. Poor girl, she ended up so sunburned! I feel bad for her. At least she had fun.

Wednesday night, our two youngest & I went camping. The other kids didn't want to go, so Tim didn't go. My dad is spending May at the campground. He has circulation problems with his legs; so he has problems walking very far. He uses a motor scooter to get around the campground. He wanted us to spend the night. So we did. We left early Thursday morning, so I could get home for work. My dad stayed at the campgrounds.

About midday Thursday, I received a call that my Dad had been in an accident on his motor scooter. He is on blood thinners, so the he had a terrible time with bleeding. There was a lot of concern about internal injuries. He took a blow to his side. The scans didn't show anything broken or damaged. They almost sent him home that night from the ER. But, he blacked out when he stood up. He ended up spending the night in the hospital.

He's home now. He's still in extreme pain. The pain medicine is helping some. It's going to take him some time to heal. He mows lawns for some income. Obviously, he can't handle being on a riding mower right now. Tim mowed one of the yards for him yesterday. I'm trying to convince him that he should accept Tim's help a little longer.

I have a lot to get done today. So, until next time.....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Dog Ate My Paycheck...

Well at least that's what it feels like. Sassy, our beagle, had to go to the Vet again, yesterday. Sassy has been doing really well recovering from the disc problem in her back. Thinking back a few weeks ago, I'm amazed to see her walking & wagging her tail. As some of you know, she was paralyzed in her whole back end. Twice the Vet sent her home & said "It was a last resort". Even the Vet believed she would need to be put to sleep. She is still on restricted activity. I can see a difference in how her hind legs work. But, she does not seem to have pain & she can walk!

Back when she was paralyzed, she was unable to control her bladder. It was constant washing & switching her bed. It seemed impossible to keep her back end dry & clean. My 9 yr daughter & I noticed that she was losing little patches of fur on her back end. I was afraid that she developed bacteria on her skin from the bladder problem & the fact that she was on steroids through that time. The Vet said I was correct. He found bacteria. So, Sassy is on an anti-biotic, again.

I feel like I have been working non-stop the last several weeks between Internet programs, being a ChaCha Guide [search engine], babysitting and my new Coordinator position with the demo company. Not to mention that I am trying to find some more work that I can do along with what I am already doing. --- need to, none of these are enough to cover the bills. So, how did the dog eat my paycheck? No, not literally. Maybe " the Vet ate my paycheck " would be more accurate.

I have to take my step-mother to the Specialist today. When her stitches were taken out last week, they noticed a bump in the corner of her eye. Uggghh, I'm guessing by the time she gets out of the doctor I will be stuck in rush hour traffic up in Indianapolis. Not my idea of fun.

Today looks to be a busy one. The kids have schoolwork. I have to babysit my 2 great-nephews & 4 of my grand kids. I have 12 demos that I really need to get scheduled. Plus, I think that is my house that keeps yelling " clean me, clean me".

Until next time....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Indiana weather & work

I started my new job as a Field Coordinator for the demo company last night. Booked my first 3 demos. Have several more that I have to get people scheduled for by Friday. It doesn't look like I will be making much, but I'm thankful for it! I'm still looking for another job that I can do from home along with this position.

My step-mother had her stitches removed yesterday. The cuts seem to be healing rather well. I have to take her to an eye specialist Tuesday. When the stitches were removed, they noticed a bump in the corner of her eye. Would you believe this woman is going back to work today?! She has been wanting to go back all along. 76 years old and she won't slow down!

I didn't have my nephews yesterday. They ended up sick with a stomach bug. They will be here today. My kids are happy because they like having them here.

What's with the crazy weather? It was rather nice a couple of weeks ago. Since then it has been bitter cold. Last night we had hail. The rain is one thing; it is Spring. But this cold is something else. Every year I love to see our Cherry tree full of blossoms. This year it got bitter cold just before it went full bloom. Of course that meant the blossoms were messed up. I have 2 lone tulips that managed to bloom before the cold hit. Our 2 Apple trees had started budding a little. I have no idea what the cold has done the buds. My rose bushes are going to have to seriously trimmed in hopes of saving them. Oh, the joys of Indiana.....

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter & All

Happy day after Easter!

Dinner went well; except the cabbage. I forgot to start it early enough. It didn't get done in time for dinner. Oh well, trust me there was plenty to eat. Dinner went back down to 12 of us. Saturday night a couple of the grand kids got sick. By Easter Sunday, their mommy & daddy [my daughter & SIL] were sick. I had already bought extra food to cook, so it looks like left overs for a couple of days. Sounds good to me; there's nothing like a left over turkey sandwich. Hubby prefers the left over ham. LOL!

My step-mother was here. She seemed to be feeling better since her accident last Wednesday. She even was up to going to church.

My niece has asked me to continue watching her 2 boys. They're easy to watch & it's a little bit of money [which helps A LOT!]. I have a training phone call for my new job with the Demo company tomorrow. I hope that goes great [& quick!].

Need to go for today... kids have school work to do, need to do some ChaCha work, & the littlest great nephew is probably ready for a bottle.
Hhhhmmm... guess I should explain to those that think ChaCha is only a dance. ChaCha is a new search engine. I work as a ChaCha search Guide to make a little bit of money. On ChaCha you can do your own search or have a Guide search for you. It's really kind of neat!

Friday, April 6, 2007

So Much ....

Update on Sassy, our dog, after the messed up disc in her back:
She is having an amazing recovery. She can use her hind legs & wag her tail. She isn't steady. I'm not sure the hind legs will every be the same. We have been adding Apple Cider Vinegar to her water. After researching, I found that Apple Cider Vinegar is suppose to be helpful with joints, along with many other things. She is still not allowed to walk on stairs or get up & move around alot due to needing more time for her back to heal. But, we are thankful she is still with us & has use of her legs again.

BAD NEWS>>> Wednesday, my step-mother fell at work. She is 76 years old & works more than some people my age. Anyway, she was trying to catch some merchandise that was blowing away from the front of the store. She tripped & cut her face very badly!

It was quite a traumatic injury. She ended up with 29 stitches + 2 more stitches inside & some glue. The thought she had broke her nose. But, amazingly, she did not break anything! She has a large, very deep gash from the middle of her nose across her cheek, another cut between that & her eye, a small cut barely above the eyelid & one above the eyebrow. We don't know how much of the cuts were from her glasses or from something she fell on.

Yesterday, I had to rush her out of town. She had to see a doctor just to have it checked. That doctor thought the ER had missed a cut on the corner of her eye because the bottom eye lid is down & out away from her eye. I rushed her to the eye specialist, who determined that there was not a missed cut and she didn't have to have surgery right then. But, she will be having surgery to repair the bottom lid. The way it is sitting, it is not protecting her eye. As long as the surface of her eye does not get damaged, they hope to wait until the tissue in that area heals. The surgery has to be done within the next 2 months, though.

As it turns out, it appears that she also did something to her arm. It has been x-rayed & it was fine. But, she is having some problems with using it due to pain.

EASTER>>> We were planning on a quiet dinner. We thought it was going to be me, hubby & the 5 children that are still at home. My 20 yr daughter asked if we were having a dinner. Of course, I invited her , her husband & 6 month old baby. HAA HAA!! Today the total for dinner has turned into 18 and the menu has grown! My oldest daughter, her husband & 4 kids and my Dad & step-mother are now coming. Oh well, just more yummy food to make. It should be a nice ...... busy day! :)

WORK>>> Hubby is still looking for work. I do have good news. I start my new position next week!! Field Coordinator with a demo company. I pray this works out great and some other things that I've been working on work out!

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Job & The Dog's Emergancy

Yesterday, was a long one. I started a new job. It's not much; only 12 hours a week. But, since hubby has been on unemployment since the end of Nov, every little bit helps. I'm working at a laundry mat on all day Sundays & 4 hours on Wednesday evenings. I found out that Sunday is their busiest day. Started off nice. Then, a man brought in bag after bag, after bag of clothes & said he wanted them that evening. Oh, by the way, he says, " They're REALLY dirty." He wasn't kidding! Yuck... ground in dirt & grease... all 67 pounds of it. Let me tell ya, you haven't seen nothing until you have seen a germ-a-phobe [me] digging dirty underwear out of dirty pants pockets. Yuck, blah... Of course the day was filled with this or that machine wouldn't work, water spilled all over the floor and so on. Oh, I even had the joy of the toilet over flowing & completely running out of change with a full laundry mat. But, I survived. Yay, me! Hopefully, Wednesdays are quiet.

I got home tired & sore to find out that Sassy, our beagle, was not well. She had been fine first thing in the morning. By last night she barked & yelped from the littlest movement. Poor dog couldn't lay down because it seemed to hurt. She was falling asleep sitting up. Hubby & 2 of my daughters rushed her to a 24 hour Emergancy Vet Hospital. I was terrified that it was something internal. Thankfully not.

Our dog has the beginning of a herniated disk. Poor Sassy! The vet said we are lucky that we got her in this quick. She is on anti - inflamitory meds & is suppose to stay calm and still for the next month. She is not allowed to play or climb stairs. Of course we have stairs out the front & back door. She has to be carried to go to the bathroom. Hubby is the only one that can carry her. I have a feeling that the next month is going to be a long one.

Hubby slept in the Living Room floor next to Sassy last night. We just don't want to put her in a cage, like the vet suggested. Poor dog is just laying , quietly in her bed today.

Today is bound to be another long day. I'm still tired from yesterday. We have more school work to do, but the kids are pretty good about that. My 2 oldest grandkids came over this morning so I could do a little school work with them. I also just started watching 2 of my great-nephews. They are 7 months & 3 years. They are good, quiet kids. I should be watching them Monday - Friday for the next 4 weeks. Oh, the 3 year old needs to be potty trained... yay, what fun. [not] About an hour before my nephews will be going home, I have to watch 4 of my grandkids [ 1 year - 6 years old] until my son-in-law gets done with his job. As I said, a long day. Not to mention I need to get some house work done & was hoping to get some time today to work on ChaCha.
Okay... so I ramble. Some days it won't be so bad; others could be worse.