Friday, September 28, 2007

Chicken Pox & Chili

I'm still working on the freezer cooking.I now have added 4 large meal size servings of chili and 9 individual sized servings of Vegetarian Chili to the freezer.I still have several things to cook and put in the freezer.I normally would just make a long day or two of freezer cooking.But,with all of the extra kids I'm watching and try to get school work [homeschool],I have needed to stretch it over several days.

Our 16 yr old son has been sickly since Sunday.We're not sure what's wrong with him.Yesterday turned out to be an interesting day.With him laying around & a house full of kids,my 1 yr old great-nephew woke from his nap & gave me an interesting surprise.He had looked fine when he went to sleep.He woke up breaking out with the Chicken Pox!!!!!Ack!So,I now have 5 kids [3 are teenagers],plus the other great nephew that I babysit & the baby;my great-niece who have not had Chicken Pox,but have now been exposed.Oh,not to mention that all 5 of my grand kids were also exposed.Sigh......this is NOT going to be fun!

Brandy,one of my grown daughters,called last night & said that my youngest grandson is sick.He is running a fever & vomiting.My goodness,what is going on!It seems like one thing after another.

Well,I'm watching 5 kids today [great-niece & 4 of the grand kids] & have a lot to do,so I better go.Until next time......

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