Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update- Still No Job

First,I am sorry for not updating for so long.

The kids are all doing well.I did get into the dr for my presciption [heart meds].
We never did find the machine to blow insulation into the house.So,it is chilly in this house & we still have bags of insulation just sitting there.We never did find anymore insulation or drywall for the attic.So,it still sits undone.
As most of you know,Tim was permanently laid off just before Thanksgiving 2006. Through State,then Federal Unemployment we pulled through for awhile.Unemployment ran out in November 2007.

At this point we are going on a wing & a prayer,so to speak.We still do not have work.Tim has worked very hard over the last year or so trying to find a job.Here & there he would get an interview.But,no job.It seems more & more places are laying off or shutting down.He works Industrial Maintenance [skilled trades].There aren't a lot of openings in that field to begin with.But,when others are getting laid off,it makes it harder for everyone.Yes,he has been applying for jobs outside his normal field.The problem there is that many places think he is over qualified. :(

Since the beginning of the year [2008],Tim has been getting more calls.

1.Back in Oct.'07, he had a phone interview with a company that will be opening a new plant in a nearby city.It seems like a great company to work for.That plant still isn't open.As far as we can tell,he is still being considered for the position [actually he applied for 3 different openings].

2.A major auto maker has been building a plant in a nearby city.Tim has been trying to get in there since they started accepting applications.He had 1 phone interview,several months ago [the Employment Office did that interview for the company...a preliminary interview.]He was told that he would be hearing from the company.Over the last several months,it has been hard to watch Tim's face as he keeps hearing of people we know getting tested &/or hired by this company,several of these people have been ones he worked with before the place he worked closed the plant.***** We had a wonderful surprise> Saturday evening we came in to find a message on the answering machine from THIS company!!! They said they would like to do a quick phone interview.So,he is suppose to call them this morning!

3.Yesterday,he had another call.The position is not likely to be as good as the above 2 or the ones I am about to list.But,it's a job.He has an interview Thursday.They wouldn't tell him much,other than it's 2nd shift.

4.2 weeks ago,Tim had an interview w/a company in a nearby town.It appears to be a nice position.He was the first one they interviewed.One of the men,said that Tim had set the standard high for the rest!They said it would be a couple of weeks before they decided on who they would hire.Well,it's been a couple of weeks...we are waiting. :)

5.Tomorrow [Wednesday],Tim has an interview with a place that is near Indianapolis.What little we know about it,we are afraid it won't pay enough to make it worth driving [cost of gas getting back & forth might be to much if the pay isn't reasonable]. We will find out tomorrow.

So,that's what I mean.He keeps getting interviews.But,we are still waiting for him to get hired.We are in so deep financially.On one hand,any income is better than nothing.But,as time goes on,we fall deeper in a mess & it will take more to make sure that we don't lose our home.

I know this is all part of God's plan.I still believe & trust that God will get us through this.I will try to do better keeping everyone updated.

Until next time.....

Monday, November 5, 2007

Sorry,This One May Be a Little Bit of a Downer..

I am sorry it has taken so long to update.A lot has been happening & I was without a computer for several weeks.

It will be a year this month,November,that Tim has been without a job.There have been so few openings that would pay at least what he gets on Unemployment & he keeps getting told that he is "over qualified".The Federal Unemployment runs out this month.At that point he will have to look for ANYTHING.The problem with that is the amount he gets on Unemployment has barely paid the bills.If he makes less there is no way to pay the bills.

I am doing what I can to make a few dollars on the internet & babysitting.My daughter hasn't been working,so I haven't been watching 4 of my grandkids.I will no longer be watching my little great-niece after this week.Her mom is getting childcare assistance,so she will be going to a daycare.I will be down to just my 2 great-nephews.

Everyone keeps saying I should be able to make money in photography.But,so far I haven't found an income there.Everyone wants me to photograph their children,but no one can afford to pay.I am searching for places that might buy photos from an unknown photographer.

We will be able to pay all of our bills for November.Thank you,God!!!But,unless something changes,we will not be able to pay the mortgage or many other bills in December.I can barely think about Christmas.My 14 yr daughter explained to my 6 yr old & 9 yr old daughters that Santa may not be able to get them much since there are so many kids all over the world who he needs to help this year.Due to careful sale shopping & using coupons,we are fine as far as food to feed the kids.Thank you,God!

My presciptions for my heart medications are run out this month.I have enough of one of my meds for about 15 more days.I need to call the doctor.The doctors have changed their rules so much,that I am not sure that they will take me in the office since I no longer have insurance.Even if they do,I am terrified to know what the bill will be.I'm sure that I will be expected to pay in full when I am seen.Then,I always have to have lab work done... which will be another high bill.I just don't see how to come up with money for that right now.Yet,I can not go without my medication.

We are still searching desperately for anyone who has some left over roll insulation & drywall pieces and the machine to blow fiberglass insulation into our house.We had enough blow-in insulation given to us to insulate the whole down stairs.The rental companies won't let us use their machines for insulation that contains fiberglass.The company , Knauf, that made this stuff says they don't have a machine that we can borrow or rent, but offered to refer us to contractors....we do NOT have money for a contractor!The house has NO insulation & it is already getting cold.Between the house not being insulated & the big old furnace we have, our house stays cool/almost cold at times all winter & our gas bills always get HUGE!Finding a machine to borrow would be a huge help!
Please,if you have left over roll insulation,drywall [even half sheets] or a machine to blow in insulation contact me!

On to good news:
Caitlyn,our 14 yr old,got a job.She can only work about 15 - 16 hours a week.But,that will give her a little money for things.I am very happy for her!

Other than my situation with needing to see the dr for meds & Ryan's broken glasses that we need to replace some how, we are all healthy!! Thank you,God!!!!!!

I still have my faith!!!!I know God has a plan.He has saw us through this far.I know He won't leave us now.I am thankful for all of God's love & grace!!I trust that He will get us through this storm & time of need!

Sorry this has been so long.Until next time......

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Help- Drywall & Insulation

I'm still working on the freezer cooking.I have added several individual servings of BBQ [for sandwiches].Hoping to get some cheap lasagnas made today.

My grandson is feeling better.It seemed to be a 24 hour bug.My 16 yr old son still isn't feeling all better.:(

I'm sorry to do this.But,we are getting desperate.We are looking for some help.If you are in the central Indiana area,please read:
As many of you already know,we still have 5 kids at home.Tim is still trying to find a job that will pay more than unemployment.The unemployment runs out the end of November.At that point,if he doesn't already have a job,he will have to take what ever he can get.If he makes less than what he's getting on unemployment,I'm not sure what will happen.But,I trust that God will see us through.Our finances are scary.Again,I have to trust God.

Now,to the point of this,we live in an old house that is NOT insulated.Gas bills have been horrible in the past couple of years.I keep the thermostat set on 62/64 degrees all winter.Yes,you read that correctly.My house seems cool to some people in the winter.But, we use a couple of space type heaters during the day & the kids wear warm clothes,slippers & have blankets if needed.But,still there are some cold spots in this old house.We had been trying to get insulation put in & the attic area needs more drywall & insulation.

Drywall & insulation are expensive.Even if they were cheap,I don't see how we could afford it now.Tim has hung what drywall & insulation we had in the attic.But, it needs a lot more.

The rest of the house needs insulation blown in the walls.The ironic part,we had several bags given to us,but we have no way to blow it in the walls.It is some sort of fiberglass stuff [Tim could tell you exactly what it is].There are tool rental places here,but they say we can't use their machines for it because it contains fiberglass.I sit here looking at these bags,knowing they would help warm the house & save on the gas bill,yet we can't use it.

Here's what I'm asking....If you or someone you know has done some remodeling,etc & have any left over insulation or drywall,PLEASE DO NOT throw it away! Please get a hold of me.
1.We need roll insulation for the attic.Even if you don't have full rolls.
2.Drywall,even if it isn't full sheets,Tim might be able to piece it together [if it isn't tiny pieces..LOL!]
3.We need to borrow or rent cheaply,the machine that is used to blow insulation in the rest of the house.Remember this insulation contains some kind of fiberglass.

Thank you for caring enough to read this.Until next time...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Chicken Pox & Chili

I'm still working on the freezer cooking.I now have added 4 large meal size servings of chili and 9 individual sized servings of Vegetarian Chili to the freezer.I still have several things to cook and put in the freezer.I normally would just make a long day or two of freezer cooking.But,with all of the extra kids I'm watching and try to get school work [homeschool],I have needed to stretch it over several days.

Our 16 yr old son has been sickly since Sunday.We're not sure what's wrong with him.Yesterday turned out to be an interesting day.With him laying around & a house full of kids,my 1 yr old great-nephew woke from his nap & gave me an interesting surprise.He had looked fine when he went to sleep.He woke up breaking out with the Chicken Pox!!!!!Ack!So,I now have 5 kids [3 are teenagers],plus the other great nephew that I babysit & the baby;my great-niece who have not had Chicken Pox,but have now been exposed.Oh,not to mention that all 5 of my grand kids were also exposed.Sigh......this is NOT going to be fun!

Brandy,one of my grown daughters,called last night & said that my youngest grandson is sick.He is running a fever & vomiting.My goodness,what is going on!It seems like one thing after another.

Well,I'm watching 5 kids today [great-niece & 4 of the grand kids] & have a lot to do,so I better go.Until next time......

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Freezer Cooking, Writing & Money

Well,I've been pretty busy.Tim is still looking for a job.We have Unemployment coming in until the end of November.If he doesn't find anything by then,I don't know what we will do.I just have to trust God.

I'm still babysitting for my 2 great nephews & 1 great-niece, M-F.Today,I also have 4 of my grand kids.I'm doing what I can online to make a little money.If anyone has any GOOD LEGIT ideas to make some money,let me know.

Btw,I have an article on Join Associated Content .If you have a moment,please take a look at my article:How to Read Tablature (Tabs) to Play the Guitar .
If you like to write,it's an easy way to make a little money.

If you have been following the news,you probably have heard about the cost of food is predicted to go up.That's harsh for anyone;especially to a family our size who has been through the wringer financially for months.No matter what,we have to eat.So,I decided I better scrape together what money I could & get stocked up.If the price of food goes any higher,I don't know how we could afford it.

Anyone who has done freezer cooking will tell you that you save money in the long run & it makes life easier,too.As of today,I have 3 meatloaves,2 meal & 3 individual sized servings of Porcupine Meatballs & 7 individual sized servings of Soup Beans.

Today,I hope to get a big pot of chili [think old canning pot]done.I also have to make a smaller pot of Vegetarian Chili since my 13 yr old daughter is a vegetarian.I'm hoping to get a few other meals completed & in the freezer today & tomorrow.

Well,better get busy.Until next time.....

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Not much to add today since I have another one of my infamous migraines.I was just sitting here working on the programs I do online to make money [if you are interested see my links to my other sites on the side of this page] & wham...migraine.

Brandy called.It seems that someone else has seen the pictures I took of her son,Ethan [my youngest grandson] & likes them.She called to say that she is trying to "sell her Mom". Brandy & my husband,Tim,keep encouraging me to try to make money from my photography.I'm adding one picture that I recently took,it's not the best one,though.
Okay,I went ahead & added a few more photos that I have taken.The first is Ethan.Second photo- Justin & Lori [grandson & granddaughter].

The cute,chubby baby in the basket of apples is my granddaughter,Natalie.This was taken some time ago.Last,but certainly not least,is a photo of my grandson,Nathan.
Well,better go for now.Until next time.....

Friday, September 7, 2007


Quick update;sorry it's been so long.

Life has been hectic.School has started.Remember we homeschool 5 children.I have been babysitting for my nieces.I keep 2 of my great-nephews & 1 great-niece M-F.I occasionally have my other great-nephew for about 2 hours;just a couple of days a week.I haven't watched Jennifer's kids [my grand kids] since some time in August.

Tim is still laid off and looking for a job that will pay what he gets on Unemployment.The federal unemployment program runs out soon.I have been doing everything I can to make every penny possible.Money is getting to be a real problem.I'm looking for more babysitting.

I have also been spending a lot of time doing different things online to make a little money.If you are interested,take a look at my other blogs:

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If you see anything that you are interested in doing/joining, please sign up through my links.I would really appreciate it! Also,take a look at the banners [ads] I have on the side of my blogs....if you would click them & if there is something that you can[want to] sign up for,please do so by clicking through the ads. Just keep in mind a few of those ads will take you out of my page.

My dad has been having a few issues with his health.That's not really anything new.I take him back to the VA Hospital this week to see his doctor.

My older brother had surgery on his leg last week.Some how I managed to take care of him,which was a real juggling act since he lives in another city.No one else was around to help,but I managed.

Brandy got moved into a new apartment.But,they are really needing to find a car.

My oldest grandson,Justin,started school in August.He likes it.
My grandaughter,Natalie had a birthday & turned 3.
My son,Jonathon,turned the big 16!

Well,that's the quick update.Until next time....