Sunday, September 30, 2007

Help- Drywall & Insulation

I'm still working on the freezer cooking.I have added several individual servings of BBQ [for sandwiches].Hoping to get some cheap lasagnas made today.

My grandson is feeling better.It seemed to be a 24 hour bug.My 16 yr old son still isn't feeling all better.:(

I'm sorry to do this.But,we are getting desperate.We are looking for some help.If you are in the central Indiana area,please read:
As many of you already know,we still have 5 kids at home.Tim is still trying to find a job that will pay more than unemployment.The unemployment runs out the end of November.At that point,if he doesn't already have a job,he will have to take what ever he can get.If he makes less than what he's getting on unemployment,I'm not sure what will happen.But,I trust that God will see us through.Our finances are scary.Again,I have to trust God.

Now,to the point of this,we live in an old house that is NOT insulated.Gas bills have been horrible in the past couple of years.I keep the thermostat set on 62/64 degrees all winter.Yes,you read that correctly.My house seems cool to some people in the winter.But, we use a couple of space type heaters during the day & the kids wear warm clothes,slippers & have blankets if needed.But,still there are some cold spots in this old house.We had been trying to get insulation put in & the attic area needs more drywall & insulation.

Drywall & insulation are expensive.Even if they were cheap,I don't see how we could afford it now.Tim has hung what drywall & insulation we had in the attic.But, it needs a lot more.

The rest of the house needs insulation blown in the walls.The ironic part,we had several bags given to us,but we have no way to blow it in the walls.It is some sort of fiberglass stuff [Tim could tell you exactly what it is].There are tool rental places here,but they say we can't use their machines for it because it contains fiberglass.I sit here looking at these bags,knowing they would help warm the house & save on the gas bill,yet we can't use it.

Here's what I'm asking....If you or someone you know has done some remodeling,etc & have any left over insulation or drywall,PLEASE DO NOT throw it away! Please get a hold of me.
1.We need roll insulation for the attic.Even if you don't have full rolls.
2.Drywall,even if it isn't full sheets,Tim might be able to piece it together [if it isn't tiny pieces..LOL!]
3.We need to borrow or rent cheaply,the machine that is used to blow insulation in the rest of the house.Remember this insulation contains some kind of fiberglass.

Thank you for caring enough to read this.Until next time...

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Jen said...

What experience or trade/business is your husband in??