Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update- Still No Job

First,I am sorry for not updating for so long.

The kids are all doing well.I did get into the dr for my presciption [heart meds].
We never did find the machine to blow insulation into the house.So,it is chilly in this house & we still have bags of insulation just sitting there.We never did find anymore insulation or drywall for the attic.So,it still sits undone.
As most of you know,Tim was permanently laid off just before Thanksgiving 2006. Through State,then Federal Unemployment we pulled through for awhile.Unemployment ran out in November 2007.

At this point we are going on a wing & a prayer,so to speak.We still do not have work.Tim has worked very hard over the last year or so trying to find a job.Here & there he would get an interview.But,no job.It seems more & more places are laying off or shutting down.He works Industrial Maintenance [skilled trades].There aren't a lot of openings in that field to begin with.But,when others are getting laid off,it makes it harder for everyone.Yes,he has been applying for jobs outside his normal field.The problem there is that many places think he is over qualified. :(

Since the beginning of the year [2008],Tim has been getting more calls.

1.Back in Oct.'07, he had a phone interview with a company that will be opening a new plant in a nearby city.It seems like a great company to work for.That plant still isn't open.As far as we can tell,he is still being considered for the position [actually he applied for 3 different openings].

2.A major auto maker has been building a plant in a nearby city.Tim has been trying to get in there since they started accepting applications.He had 1 phone interview,several months ago [the Employment Office did that interview for the company...a preliminary interview.]He was told that he would be hearing from the company.Over the last several months,it has been hard to watch Tim's face as he keeps hearing of people we know getting tested &/or hired by this company,several of these people have been ones he worked with before the place he worked closed the plant.***** We had a wonderful surprise> Saturday evening we came in to find a message on the answering machine from THIS company!!! They said they would like to do a quick phone interview.So,he is suppose to call them this morning!

3.Yesterday,he had another call.The position is not likely to be as good as the above 2 or the ones I am about to list.But,it's a job.He has an interview Thursday.They wouldn't tell him much,other than it's 2nd shift.

4.2 weeks ago,Tim had an interview w/a company in a nearby town.It appears to be a nice position.He was the first one they interviewed.One of the men,said that Tim had set the standard high for the rest!They said it would be a couple of weeks before they decided on who they would hire.Well,it's been a couple of weeks...we are waiting. :)

5.Tomorrow [Wednesday],Tim has an interview with a place that is near Indianapolis.What little we know about it,we are afraid it won't pay enough to make it worth driving [cost of gas getting back & forth might be to much if the pay isn't reasonable]. We will find out tomorrow.

So,that's what I mean.He keeps getting interviews.But,we are still waiting for him to get hired.We are in so deep financially.On one hand,any income is better than nothing.But,as time goes on,we fall deeper in a mess & it will take more to make sure that we don't lose our home.

I know this is all part of God's plan.I still believe & trust that God will get us through this.I will try to do better keeping everyone updated.

Until next time.....