Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Dog Ate My Paycheck...

Well at least that's what it feels like. Sassy, our beagle, had to go to the Vet again, yesterday. Sassy has been doing really well recovering from the disc problem in her back. Thinking back a few weeks ago, I'm amazed to see her walking & wagging her tail. As some of you know, she was paralyzed in her whole back end. Twice the Vet sent her home & said "It was a last resort". Even the Vet believed she would need to be put to sleep. She is still on restricted activity. I can see a difference in how her hind legs work. But, she does not seem to have pain & she can walk!

Back when she was paralyzed, she was unable to control her bladder. It was constant washing & switching her bed. It seemed impossible to keep her back end dry & clean. My 9 yr daughter & I noticed that she was losing little patches of fur on her back end. I was afraid that she developed bacteria on her skin from the bladder problem & the fact that she was on steroids through that time. The Vet said I was correct. He found bacteria. So, Sassy is on an anti-biotic, again.

I feel like I have been working non-stop the last several weeks between Internet programs, being a ChaCha Guide [search engine], babysitting and my new Coordinator position with the demo company. Not to mention that I am trying to find some more work that I can do along with what I am already doing. --- need to, none of these are enough to cover the bills. So, how did the dog eat my paycheck? No, not literally. Maybe " the Vet ate my paycheck " would be more accurate.

I have to take my step-mother to the Specialist today. When her stitches were taken out last week, they noticed a bump in the corner of her eye. Uggghh, I'm guessing by the time she gets out of the doctor I will be stuck in rush hour traffic up in Indianapolis. Not my idea of fun.

Today looks to be a busy one. The kids have schoolwork. I have to babysit my 2 great-nephews & 4 of my grand kids. I have 12 demos that I really need to get scheduled. Plus, I think that is my house that keeps yelling " clean me, clean me".

Until next time....

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Indiana weather & work

I started my new job as a Field Coordinator for the demo company last night. Booked my first 3 demos. Have several more that I have to get people scheduled for by Friday. It doesn't look like I will be making much, but I'm thankful for it! I'm still looking for another job that I can do from home along with this position.

My step-mother had her stitches removed yesterday. The cuts seem to be healing rather well. I have to take her to an eye specialist Tuesday. When the stitches were removed, they noticed a bump in the corner of her eye. Would you believe this woman is going back to work today?! She has been wanting to go back all along. 76 years old and she won't slow down!

I didn't have my nephews yesterday. They ended up sick with a stomach bug. They will be here today. My kids are happy because they like having them here.

What's with the crazy weather? It was rather nice a couple of weeks ago. Since then it has been bitter cold. Last night we had hail. The rain is one thing; it is Spring. But this cold is something else. Every year I love to see our Cherry tree full of blossoms. This year it got bitter cold just before it went full bloom. Of course that meant the blossoms were messed up. I have 2 lone tulips that managed to bloom before the cold hit. Our 2 Apple trees had started budding a little. I have no idea what the cold has done the buds. My rose bushes are going to have to seriously trimmed in hopes of saving them. Oh, the joys of Indiana.....

Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter & All

Happy day after Easter!

Dinner went well; except the cabbage. I forgot to start it early enough. It didn't get done in time for dinner. Oh well, trust me there was plenty to eat. Dinner went back down to 12 of us. Saturday night a couple of the grand kids got sick. By Easter Sunday, their mommy & daddy [my daughter & SIL] were sick. I had already bought extra food to cook, so it looks like left overs for a couple of days. Sounds good to me; there's nothing like a left over turkey sandwich. Hubby prefers the left over ham. LOL!

My step-mother was here. She seemed to be feeling better since her accident last Wednesday. She even was up to going to church.

My niece has asked me to continue watching her 2 boys. They're easy to watch & it's a little bit of money [which helps A LOT!]. I have a training phone call for my new job with the Demo company tomorrow. I hope that goes great [& quick!].

Need to go for today... kids have school work to do, need to do some ChaCha work, & the littlest great nephew is probably ready for a bottle.
Hhhhmmm... guess I should explain to those that think ChaCha is only a dance. ChaCha is a new search engine. I work as a ChaCha search Guide to make a little bit of money. On ChaCha you can do your own search or have a Guide search for you. It's really kind of neat!

Friday, April 6, 2007

So Much ....

Update on Sassy, our dog, after the messed up disc in her back:
She is having an amazing recovery. She can use her hind legs & wag her tail. She isn't steady. I'm not sure the hind legs will every be the same. We have been adding Apple Cider Vinegar to her water. After researching, I found that Apple Cider Vinegar is suppose to be helpful with joints, along with many other things. She is still not allowed to walk on stairs or get up & move around alot due to needing more time for her back to heal. But, we are thankful she is still with us & has use of her legs again.

BAD NEWS>>> Wednesday, my step-mother fell at work. She is 76 years old & works more than some people my age. Anyway, she was trying to catch some merchandise that was blowing away from the front of the store. She tripped & cut her face very badly!

It was quite a traumatic injury. She ended up with 29 stitches + 2 more stitches inside & some glue. The thought she had broke her nose. But, amazingly, she did not break anything! She has a large, very deep gash from the middle of her nose across her cheek, another cut between that & her eye, a small cut barely above the eyelid & one above the eyebrow. We don't know how much of the cuts were from her glasses or from something she fell on.

Yesterday, I had to rush her out of town. She had to see a doctor just to have it checked. That doctor thought the ER had missed a cut on the corner of her eye because the bottom eye lid is down & out away from her eye. I rushed her to the eye specialist, who determined that there was not a missed cut and she didn't have to have surgery right then. But, she will be having surgery to repair the bottom lid. The way it is sitting, it is not protecting her eye. As long as the surface of her eye does not get damaged, they hope to wait until the tissue in that area heals. The surgery has to be done within the next 2 months, though.

As it turns out, it appears that she also did something to her arm. It has been x-rayed & it was fine. But, she is having some problems with using it due to pain.

EASTER>>> We were planning on a quiet dinner. We thought it was going to be me, hubby & the 5 children that are still at home. My 20 yr daughter asked if we were having a dinner. Of course, I invited her , her husband & 6 month old baby. HAA HAA!! Today the total for dinner has turned into 18 and the menu has grown! My oldest daughter, her husband & 4 kids and my Dad & step-mother are now coming. Oh well, just more yummy food to make. It should be a nice ...... busy day! :)

WORK>>> Hubby is still looking for work. I do have good news. I start my new position next week!! Field Coordinator with a demo company. I pray this works out great and some other things that I've been working on work out!