Monday, November 5, 2007

Sorry,This One May Be a Little Bit of a Downer..

I am sorry it has taken so long to update.A lot has been happening & I was without a computer for several weeks.

It will be a year this month,November,that Tim has been without a job.There have been so few openings that would pay at least what he gets on Unemployment & he keeps getting told that he is "over qualified".The Federal Unemployment runs out this month.At that point he will have to look for ANYTHING.The problem with that is the amount he gets on Unemployment has barely paid the bills.If he makes less there is no way to pay the bills.

I am doing what I can to make a few dollars on the internet & babysitting.My daughter hasn't been working,so I haven't been watching 4 of my grandkids.I will no longer be watching my little great-niece after this week.Her mom is getting childcare assistance,so she will be going to a daycare.I will be down to just my 2 great-nephews.

Everyone keeps saying I should be able to make money in photography.But,so far I haven't found an income there.Everyone wants me to photograph their children,but no one can afford to pay.I am searching for places that might buy photos from an unknown photographer.

We will be able to pay all of our bills for November.Thank you,God!!!But,unless something changes,we will not be able to pay the mortgage or many other bills in December.I can barely think about Christmas.My 14 yr daughter explained to my 6 yr old & 9 yr old daughters that Santa may not be able to get them much since there are so many kids all over the world who he needs to help this year.Due to careful sale shopping & using coupons,we are fine as far as food to feed the kids.Thank you,God!

My presciptions for my heart medications are run out this month.I have enough of one of my meds for about 15 more days.I need to call the doctor.The doctors have changed their rules so much,that I am not sure that they will take me in the office since I no longer have insurance.Even if they do,I am terrified to know what the bill will be.I'm sure that I will be expected to pay in full when I am seen.Then,I always have to have lab work done... which will be another high bill.I just don't see how to come up with money for that right now.Yet,I can not go without my medication.

We are still searching desperately for anyone who has some left over roll insulation & drywall pieces and the machine to blow fiberglass insulation into our house.We had enough blow-in insulation given to us to insulate the whole down stairs.The rental companies won't let us use their machines for insulation that contains fiberglass.The company , Knauf, that made this stuff says they don't have a machine that we can borrow or rent, but offered to refer us to contractors....we do NOT have money for a contractor!The house has NO insulation & it is already getting cold.Between the house not being insulated & the big old furnace we have, our house stays cool/almost cold at times all winter & our gas bills always get HUGE!Finding a machine to borrow would be a huge help!
Please,if you have left over roll insulation,drywall [even half sheets] or a machine to blow in insulation contact me!

On to good news:
Caitlyn,our 14 yr old,got a job.She can only work about 15 - 16 hours a week.But,that will give her a little money for things.I am very happy for her!

Other than my situation with needing to see the dr for meds & Ryan's broken glasses that we need to replace some how, we are all healthy!! Thank you,God!!!!!!

I still have my faith!!!!I know God has a plan.He has saw us through this far.I know He won't leave us now.I am thankful for all of God's love & grace!!I trust that He will get us through this storm & time of need!

Sorry this has been so long.Until next time......