Saturday, September 8, 2007


Not much to add today since I have another one of my infamous migraines.I was just sitting here working on the programs I do online to make money [if you are interested see my links to my other sites on the side of this page] & wham...migraine.

Brandy called.It seems that someone else has seen the pictures I took of her son,Ethan [my youngest grandson] & likes them.She called to say that she is trying to "sell her Mom". Brandy & my husband,Tim,keep encouraging me to try to make money from my photography.I'm adding one picture that I recently took,it's not the best one,though.
Okay,I went ahead & added a few more photos that I have taken.The first is Ethan.Second photo- Justin & Lori [grandson & granddaughter].

The cute,chubby baby in the basket of apples is my granddaughter,Natalie.This was taken some time ago.Last,but certainly not least,is a photo of my grandson,Nathan.
Well,better go for now.Until next time.....


Kristine said...

Cathy, **darling** pics of those babies!! Thanks for sharing!

I'm saying a prayer for your dh's job situation. You are not alone on the SHS list; many have been down the same path, unfortunately.

Tanterne, Charlotte said...

Those are truly fabulous photos.
Im am sure you can sell them.
I would not be supprised if you already had.
Good luck.