Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Freezer Cooking, Writing & Money

Well,I've been pretty busy.Tim is still looking for a job.We have Unemployment coming in until the end of November.If he doesn't find anything by then,I don't know what we will do.I just have to trust God.

I'm still babysitting for my 2 great nephews & 1 great-niece, M-F.Today,I also have 4 of my grand kids.I'm doing what I can online to make a little money.If anyone has any GOOD LEGIT ideas to make some money,let me know.

Btw,I have an article on Join Associated Content .If you have a moment,please take a look at my article:How to Read Tablature (Tabs) to Play the Guitar .
If you like to write,it's an easy way to make a little money.

If you have been following the news,you probably have heard about the cost of food is predicted to go up.That's harsh for anyone;especially to a family our size who has been through the wringer financially for months.No matter what,we have to eat.So,I decided I better scrape together what money I could & get stocked up.If the price of food goes any higher,I don't know how we could afford it.

Anyone who has done freezer cooking will tell you that you save money in the long run & it makes life easier,too.As of today,I have 3 meatloaves,2 meal & 3 individual sized servings of Porcupine Meatballs & 7 individual sized servings of Soup Beans.

Today,I hope to get a big pot of chili [think old canning pot]done.I also have to make a smaller pot of Vegetarian Chili since my 13 yr old daughter is a vegetarian.I'm hoping to get a few other meals completed & in the freezer today & tomorrow.

Well,better get busy.Until next time.....

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