Friday, September 7, 2007


Quick update;sorry it's been so long.

Life has been hectic.School has started.Remember we homeschool 5 children.I have been babysitting for my nieces.I keep 2 of my great-nephews & 1 great-niece M-F.I occasionally have my other great-nephew for about 2 hours;just a couple of days a week.I haven't watched Jennifer's kids [my grand kids] since some time in August.

Tim is still laid off and looking for a job that will pay what he gets on Unemployment.The federal unemployment program runs out soon.I have been doing everything I can to make every penny possible.Money is getting to be a real problem.I'm looking for more babysitting.

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My dad has been having a few issues with his health.That's not really anything new.I take him back to the VA Hospital this week to see his doctor.

My older brother had surgery on his leg last week.Some how I managed to take care of him,which was a real juggling act since he lives in another city.No one else was around to help,but I managed.

Brandy got moved into a new apartment.But,they are really needing to find a car.

My oldest grandson,Justin,started school in August.He likes it.
My grandaughter,Natalie had a birthday & turned 3.
My son,Jonathon,turned the big 16!

Well,that's the quick update.Until next time....

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